PlexiGlass Podiums

Kinney Group Events Plexiglass Podiums


Kinney Group Events wants your event to have our plexiglass podiums available to you. Audio and visual is a key component at Kinney Group Events. We believe plexiglass podiums are a fundamental part of successfully planning your next audio and visual rental.


Over the past 10 years we have owned all plexiglass podium rentals to better serve our clients and to make their Kinney Group Events experience superior.


Our clients include fortune 100 companies, private clients, and everyone in between so make sure to have one of our audio and speaker specialists assist you with your event rental. Kinney Group Events will provide you with the best plexiglass podium solution at the best rate available.


Expect the best performance out of our equipment that is from 2012 or later, always kept in excellent condition, delivered to you on time and on budget.


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